A Thank You Note from a Santa Fe Public Schools Teacher:

Education Director, Eileen Everett and her group of Students learn about riparian plants like willows.

We had an AWESOME time at the field trip today!   The children learned or reviewed so many things.  They took out their tracking print cards and came to conclusions about what animals made the tracks.  They made inferences about why the trees above the watershed would have been cut down. They heard about the history of the reservoir (with the goats packed with mud and rocks).  They saw wild turkeys and a heron.  They made connections about the interdependence of living and nonliving things.  They had hands-on time in the SF River to humanely capture and identify macroinvertebrates.  They used keys to identify four different conifers.  They practiced using all of their senses to enjoy and become more aware of their surroundings.  They kept journals to record their observations, just like scientists do. They looked at rocks samples and reviewed igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks.  It was amazing. Thank you to everyone involved.  I can speak more highly of the field trip.  The kids have already asked if they can come there again!
Thanks again,