Recycled Art Contests

Periodically, the Santa Fe Watershed Association hosts Recycled Art Contests.  These events use items collected from Santa Fe River cleanups where participants, both youth and adults, turn trash into ART!    Art pieces are judged by local artists and winning pieces are displayed at events such as the prominent Recycle Santa Fe Art Festival held in November. For information on the 2012 Recycled Art Contest, contact Robin Hilliard:

Community Tree Plantings

In an effort to restore the Santa Fe River, the Santa Fe Watershed Association coordinates community plantings of native vegetation.  This is an opportunity for both young and old to get their hands dirty and contribute to restoring the Santa Fe River.  The next tree planting will be held in August 2012 on The Nature Conservancy’s Santa Fe Canyon Preserve. If you’d like to volunteer, please contact Eileen:



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