“Hunter’s Moon” Clean-Up

Santa Fe River “Hunter’s Moon” Clean-Up

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Clean-Up: 10:00am – Noon

Picnic: 12:30 – 2:00pm

Where: Monsignor Patrick Smith Park (on East Alameda) in Santa Fe

The October Full Moon (October 18, 5:38 PM mountain time, 2013) is the Hunter’s Moon.

The Clean-Up –  This is our third All-River Clean-Up of 2013.

Teamwork MASTERS Program 8-1-13)Help us hunt for trash — and treasures — in the Santa Fe River, after our monsoon run-off events and before the first freeze.

Our 30 Adopt-the-River volunteer Steward groups turn out together three times/year — this being the third time in 2013 — and community members are invited to join us, from 10:00 am – Noon, for this all-hands, all-along-the-river clean-up.

Form a team, or just come join the fun.

— Prize for the most trash collected — first-come, first-serve, to reserve the ‘baaaddd-est” reaches for your team).

— Prize for the largest team.

— Prize for the most interesting treasure found.

— Prize for forecasting the night of the first freeze in the Fall of 2013. (We’ll award it after the first freeze at the airport.)

— Prize for the best pie (Even if you can’t join us in the river that morning, you could bake a pie to treat the volunteers!)

— Raffles for Santa Fe Watershed ball cap, blanket & Kleen Kanteen water bottle

The Annual Thank You Picnic for Adopt-the-River Stewards and Sponsors

If you are one of our Fabulous Stewards and Sponsors,

Please, please do join us for our 2013 Thank You Picnic, 12:30-2:00pm, at Patrick Smith Park.

Stewards, come thank your Sponsors. Sponsors, come thank the Stewards…

… and hear stories about the treasures — the $50 bill, the lost-and-found purse, the garter snakes, the elm roots and dry brush, and the mountains of trash — they’ve found in the river this year.

… and let us thank you all for so totally showing up for the Santa Fe River all year.

Sponsored by the Santa Fe Watershed Association & The City of Santa Fe

Please RSVP to Keely by Wednesday, October 16

Adopt-the-River Steward Coordinator, 820-1696, stewards@santafewatershed.org