Students Making a Creative Difference

This just in from Abby Goldfarb, an Americorps Volunteer with EarthCare from students at Tesuque Elementary:

The 3rd grade students at Tesuque Elementary are making delightful bracelets to raise money for the Santa Fe Watershed Association. We have been studying the importance of water in our garden class and want to spread the message to others.

Water is good for us.  The wschool bracelethole world needs water, including plants, people, and animals.  We are made out of water.  You can drink water and it’s healthy for you.  It’s cold, it keeps you strong, and it is fun to play with, like in lakes and rivers.  We want people to stop wasting water and to care for the water.

Buying these bracelets can help change the future.  All the money we raise will go to helping our water in the Santa Fe area.  We hope that our bracelets might also help change the way you feel about water and teach you something.  They might help you waste less water.  If you buy one and wear it around, it might make you think more about how important water is each time you feel it or look at it or tell some one about it.  Every bracelet is one of a kind and handmade by us.

Thank you for your help in keeping our water safe!